Saturday, 21 October 2017

Frozen Elegance

In this set, I wanted to create an elegant icy ambience. So, here are lots of transparent and matt ice imitating surfaces, plus metallic elements increasing the effect, against an enchanting floral Alexandria wallpaper from DESIGNERS GUILD. Also, a pair of faux fur cushions to warm up the atmosphere.
Frozen Elegance #28

Elegant Dining in Smokey Greys

This was made for a Polyvore contest, where one of a few given dining sets should have been featured.
Winter- inspired monochrome colour palette consisting of soft shades of grey is refreshed with the white. Dusky blues and yellows are adding a little bit of colour. 

Elegant Dining in Smokey Greys #40
 So, I chose a Mabelle 5 piece dining set from and completed the space with the metallic s h o wb o x and standing box, both from, and surya  s e a g u l l  t a b l e  l a m p, among others.

Soft Scandinavian Dining Room

One of my favourite Scandinavian interior styles -- light tones of wood + coloured metal + plenty of  w h i t e  ... Always love  f i s h e s  as decorative objects and ...... of course, how can it be without any piece from Marimekko?! :) 

Soft Scandinavian Dining Room #11

Soft Scandinavian Dining Room by strawberry-latte featuring ✿Anastasiya Koshcheeva  t a b u r e t  s t o o l  ✿Wooden  f i s h e s  by Alexander Girard /Suiza,1952 t e a  t o w e l  with the famous poppy prints created by Maija Isola for Marimekko in 1964 Batea  t a b l e  collection with complimentary storage space by WOODENDOT /Spain